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Our Story

Creating the Perfect

Mountain Retreat

We are Futral Enterprises. And the Highlands Plateau is our home.

Naturally, when The Plateau is your home, friends and families love to visit. Again and again.

However, as their numbers grow with new children and new friendships, our homes couldn’t handle the volume. And we found that local hotels and homes—though fantastic as they are—just couldn’t quite meet the needs of what our guests wanted: harmony with nature; meticulous, yet minimalistic craftsmanship; room for storytelling and fun; and best-in-class service.

We have 25 years of creating high-quality, custom-building experiences, so we thought, “Why don’t we just build our dream mountain retreat for friends and family?” So we did. The result is High Camp.

We are picky, we protect Mother Nature, and we have high expectations for every project. We think that High Camp delivers on all these needs.

High Camp currently offers two mountain lodges, but as word gets out (as if often does in the South) and the excitement continues to grow, we plan to expand the community to 30 lodges in the next few years.

Your family and friends are welcome any time.